Bed Bugs

The bed bug is an old pest that was common in homes prior to World War II. For the last 50 years, bed bugs have rarely been seen outside of cramped living quarters and less than sanitary conditions in jails and homeless shelters. Not anymore. In the last five years there has been a resurgence. Bed bugs have become a particular problem in hotels, motels, and hostels where there is a high rate of occupant turnover. Even five star hotels are having problems with bed bugs.

Now, many homeowners are discovering these insects have been imported into their homes. Travelers coming home are probably carrying bedbugs in or on their luggage.

The offspring of one pregnant female bed bug that crawls out of a suitcase can infest a room, and eventually other rooms nearby. Bed bugs usually feed at night and spend the day hidden. Their flattened shape lets them squeeze into narrow places in bed  frames, headboards, in bedside furniture, behind pictures and switch plates, behind baseboards, under buttons on mattresses, in boxsprings, and in other cracks and crevices. Speckles of dried blood excrement can be found on bedding or places where bed bugs hide. Finding and eliminating bedbugs can take a long time.  Experienced professionals may spend 2 or 3 hours inspecting one hotel room or suite. Adjoining rooms should also be inspected.  If pesticides are required they must have a residual effect and be carefully placed where they may be most effective. Pesticides must not be applied to bedding or mattresses. Secondary treatments are often necessary.  Aggressive pest control has the training and experience to control bedbugs in your home or business.

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